Oil and Gas

We can act as direct agent for ordering petrochemical and oil products from suppliers with the aim of exporting to global markets. CAD global freight forwarding Inc can support you with providing logistic services for export goal (shipping, storages tanks, Warehousing, etc). We are here to arrange clearance and supply of petrochemical complexes /oil products. […]


Logistic arrangements of automotive industries are important because any delay may cause production line to stop, which means loss. In order to avoid such problems, CAD global freight forwarding Inc designed solutions for each analysis of warehouse and transport processes, so that in the event of unforeseen events, a contingency plan can be implemented quickly. […]

High tech

CAD Global Freight Forwarding Inc offers a wide range of services and logistics solutions in the field of technology & electronics for moving sensitive high tech equipment, ranging from networking equipment to mobile phones, CAD Global Freight Forwarding Inc consistently give high level of customer service.


Perishables handling process directly depend on choosing proper expertise. CAD Global Freight Forwarding Inc. consider details, so shipping with us is easy, organized and timely. We handle fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants, fish and pharmaceuticals. We combine efficient paperwork with agile handling to maintain cold-chain integrity. CAD services include: security, x-ray, quality control, customs clearance, […]

Chemical & Dangerous cargo

We are here to provide shipping and logistics services for all 9 classes of Chemical and dangerous goods, to and from anywhere in the world. Our specialist around the world means that we can provide a seamless transport service with near real time updates on every shipment as standard. If you have heavy agriculture machinery, […]

Oversize equipment

Whether the cargo is too wide, heavy, tall, or unusually shaped, CAD global freight forwarding Inc will ship it where you want and get it there on time and intact. Oversized cargo shipping often requires special packing or crating of equipment or goods. We have the resources and experience to ensure that your freight is […]